Welcome to the tiger's den

Do you feel you don't fit in today's social media? Are you afraid posting about your paraphilia will scare your three followers away? Sign up with us and worry no more!


It's like Twitter on steroids and without the bullies. People are friendly, respect pronouns, and include a description on pictures for those of us who need more than a pair of thick glasses to see OKish.


Fuck Discord.

Open chat in a new tab

Don't want to use a browser tab?

  1. Open your preferred Matrix client
  2. and Create account
  3. set Host account on to
  4. matrix.thefurrytiger.net

Already on Matrix? Join us at @tigersden:thefurrytiger.net


It's like instagram but without the self-sucking fabulous people staying for free on some exotic island while promoting some protein supplements that you didn't even know you needed so badly.